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Dear Church Member,

Entheos: The Journal of Psychedelic Spirituality is conducting a survey of church members that partake of the sacrament peyote. We are concerned with the conservation of this sacred plant and believe that peyote is essential to the health and spiritual well being of many thousands of church members.
This is an issue we intend to address in a future issue of our journal. We invite your personal opinion or the consensus of your church organization. Please feel free to distribute photocopies of this survey to other members of your church or other peyote churches.
We appreciate your participation in the brief survey that follows.

Your Name (and title if applicable):

Church affiliation:

Please answer the following questions numerically, according the following scale:
1. Strongly Agree
2. Agree
3. Disagree
4. Strongly Disagree
5. Don't Know

1) The supply of peyote is endangered by over-harvesting and poor harvesting techniques. __

2) An organized conservation effort to protect and propagate peyote should be implemented. __

3) I am concerned that peyote will become unavailable in the wild in the next 30 years. __

4) It should be the responsibility of my church to take an active role in protecting peyote. __

5) My legal right to partake of the sacrament peyote is in danger. __

6) The size and quantity of peyote cacti ingested has a direct impact on the quality and depth of my religious experience during prayer meetings. __

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Additional comments:



Thank you for your participation,
Mark Hoffman (Editor, Entheos) & Dr. Jay Fikes,

Please return this survey to: Entheos, P.O. Box 40023, San Diego, CA 92164
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