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Entheos Issue 2: Entheogens in the Americas

A Mushroom Viajé in Huautla de Jiménez

by Jim Ransom

Contents Entheos: The Journal of Psychedelic Spirituality,
Vol. I, Issue 2
Winter, 2002

The Miskwedo of the Anishinaubeg
Gordon Wasson Check back for Keeywaydinoquay and her Miskwedo

Graeco-Roman Ruins in the New World
Blaise D. Staples Visit an online gallery of ancillary illustrations

An Appreciation of Huichol Culture
Juan Negrín

The Man Who Ate Honey: Kiéri and the Calling of a Huichol Shaman
Jay C. Fikes and Catarino Carrillo Visit Catarino's Page, and hear him sing

Huichol Wolf-Shamanism and A. Muscaria Download Full Article in MSWord
Mark Hoffman Check back for Red Wolf Power: A. Muscaria in the Americas

Daturas for the Virgin Download Full Article in Spanish in MS Word
José Celdrán and Carl Ruck Visit an online gallery of ancillary illustrations

Peyote Religion: Opening Doors to the Creator’s Heart
Jay C. Fikes

Faith, Belief, and the Peyote Crisis
K. Trout & Mark Hoffman Visit The full article online!

Reuben Snake: Rising Up to Serve God
Reuben Snake and Jay C. Fikes

Rick Strassman, Gywllm Llwydd, Thomas Lyttle and more!