As cited and cued in the article
Conjuring Eden:
Art and the Entheogenic Vision of Paradise

Entheos: Vol. 1 Issue 1, Summer 2001.
By Carl A.P. Ruck, Blaise D. Staples, Mark Hoffman
Images 41-45
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[42] Baptism of Christ, St. Albans (St. Godehard) Psalter, Dom treasury, Hildesheim.
[43] Fish-mushroom, c. 650, Sutton Ho, England, Viking ship burial, Birtish Museum.
[44] Blachernitissa Virgin, Chora mosaic, Kariye Museum, Istanbul.
[45] Dormition of the Virign, Church of Apanagia Phorbiotissa at Asinou, Nikitari.
[41] Mushroom Tree, Henchir Messaouda, Sfax, Tunisia, Baptistry mosaic.
[46] Metokites presents his church, Chora mosaic.

[47] Maries at the Sepulchre. The roof of this unusual structure is associated by scholars with the dome of Constantine's church of the Resurrection. Painted wooden box containing pilgrims' mementoes of the Holy Land. Palestine, late 6th early 7th. Rome, Vatican, Museo Sacro Cristiano.